Saturday, 31 May 2008

Home ....sweet home....

I'm finally back in London after a 3 week break back in Malaysia with long-ish side trip to Indochine. And what a great 3 weeks it was! No thoughts of work whatsover .... I think I could really get used to the life of a taveling bum ;) My only complaint was that it wasn't long enough! However, now that I'm back in real world I can re-live it all through my photos. Some wacky, some really quite pointless ... 3 weeks on ... but all tell of a great trip. They will keep home fresh in my mind (yes, despite 8 years in London...KL is still home)... till the next trip, of course :)

What trip to KL is complete without the food? I admit I didn't take photos of everything. I wasn't sure how to explain to my grandmother that she had to wait while I took photos of the fried noodles and the deep fried ribs and the stewed pork anddddddddd the rice ;) So the camera remained in it's case, safe in my bag from an annoyed grandmother. Don't worry though I did sneak in a few shots while she was looking the other way :)

I will, however, write shorter posts of my trip. I remember strying to fit everything in with my Shanghai posts earlier this year... and ohhhhhhh dearie me.......... what a headache. So stay tuned!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

On the Indochina Trail

I'm currently making my way through Indochina ... that's Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam :) and it's not been easy to get to the internet. And what I have found is slow, slow, slow!

It's been a really great journey... all hot and sultry ... a real eye opener, even for one who grew up in Malaysia. There's still more to see and discover and I'm only half done. It's my 2nd night in Hanoi and anyone who has been here will know... the traffic is CRAZY! I got run over by a bicycle tonight. Right over my toes and a few scratches to my left leg. I'll live :)

Foodwise, all's good. It's a whole lot more interesting than what I've had in restaurants before so it's certainly been a journey of discovery. Food posts will go up once I get back to London and get over my jet-lag; or before when I wide awake at 4.30 in the morning :) Till then, happy fooding!!!!!