Saturday, 31 May 2008

Home ....sweet home....

I'm finally back in London after a 3 week break back in Malaysia with long-ish side trip to Indochine. And what a great 3 weeks it was! No thoughts of work whatsover .... I think I could really get used to the life of a taveling bum ;) My only complaint was that it wasn't long enough! However, now that I'm back in real world I can re-live it all through my photos. Some wacky, some really quite pointless ... 3 weeks on ... but all tell of a great trip. They will keep home fresh in my mind (yes, despite 8 years in London...KL is still home)... till the next trip, of course :)

What trip to KL is complete without the food? I admit I didn't take photos of everything. I wasn't sure how to explain to my grandmother that she had to wait while I took photos of the fried noodles and the deep fried ribs and the stewed pork anddddddddd the rice ;) So the camera remained in it's case, safe in my bag from an annoyed grandmother. Don't worry though I did sneak in a few shots while she was looking the other way :)

I will, however, write shorter posts of my trip. I remember strying to fit everything in with my Shanghai posts earlier this year... and ohhhhhhh dearie me.......... what a headache. So stay tuned!

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