Sunday, 17 May 2009

Gelato in the Park

Brockwell Park

What is sunny weather without ice-cream? In British terms this could really be at any time and not necessarily during summer either. During one of the odd spells of April sunshine, Stuart and I managed to drag ourselves to the park and discovered, to my delight, that the park cafe had started selling gelato.

Gelato - Brockwell Park, Tulse Hill

I just had to have a scoop of bacio - chocolate and hazelnut. I adore hazelnuts! And I love chocolate too.

Bacio - Brockwell Park, Tulse Hill

Ahh bacio is certainly a flavour made in heaven.

Strawberry - Brockwell Park, Tulse Hill

Stuart had a scoop of strawberry which came delightfully with large chunks of strawberries swirled throughout . Much to my irritation his was actually better than mine. Lighter on the tummy too considering we just had a huge feast at a newly found Portuguese cafe (more on that later). I did end up eating quite a bit of his and he was handed the remainder of mine :D One just has to learn to be very persuasive lol


Rafleesia said...

soooo mean u r! poor stu! the bacio loooked gooood tho...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...why was the strawberry so red?

Paprika said...

You English peeps always so hard up for the sun. 20C woohoo bring out the mini skirt and tank tops! heh heh. Sorry actually just described your sister's outfit way back when... Ooops

Luscious Temptations said...

Raffy - Why poor Stu? He got almost a whole extra scoop of ice cream :P Contrary to popular belief, I am rather nice to him. So long away from England, cannot remember the colour of strawberries, izzit? lol

Paprika - Actually it was less than 20C and we were already whooping :D I was wearing my woolen coat whilst I was eating ice cream. So sad right? Though I think my sister's outfits still consist of tank tops and mini skirts...