Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Cheap Thrills at the Local Havester

I made Justine history today .... my first ever trip to Havester! SM and I have been joking about having a meal at one for ages now but you know how silly jokes can go ... it's never actually supposed to take place. Having egged each other on one too many times, we finally drove to the one closest to the flat. I have to admit I was grining like a Chesire cat all the way from the car to the restaurant and even insisted on having my photo taken outside. Embarassingly I did the same thing when I visited my first ever WalMart in Canada. Yes.... seriously!

The Original Combo and Salad - Havester

I was allowed to order from the 'All Day Early Bird' (go figure!) section of the menu - SM's shout so SM gets to give the orders - and I got the rib and chicken combo. A rack of ribs smothered in BBQ sauce, quarter of a roast chicken ...... AND all the salad I could eat from the bar. Exciting stuff. The ribs were surprisingly fall off the bone tender - I did wonder if it had been boiled to death and then slapped on the grill for 2 minutes but seriously for that price (£6.99) ... who cares. It tasted good. The chicken on the other hand didn't fare so well. Dry and overcooked. Blegh. And despite my best intentions I only managed 2 pathetic trips to the salad bar. I did, however, discover the joys of eating raw cauliflower. I'm not usually a big fan of cauliflower (the poor, poor cousin of the magnificent brocolli - in my opinion anyway) but thinly sliced and covered in coronation dressing it's surprisingly good.

Chicken and Bacon Stack - Havester

SM's Chicken and Bacon Stack (£6.99) was also rather tasty - grilled chicken breast topped with sweetcured bacon and Emmantal cheese in a puddle of BBQ sauce. The chicken was tasty and tender and can do almost no wrong since it was covered in BBQ sauce. Yum yum yum!

It's a fun and silly place to go where the prices are cheap and you don't expect too much. Cheap and cheerful is just what we all need sometimes.

Website: http://www.harvester.co.uk/


Rafleesia said...

When you doubt your food, just smother it with BBQ sauce!

Looks like a poor poor cousin of Chilli's...!

Luscious Temptations said...

With a All You Can Eat salad bar, baby!

I'm a true kiasu at heart :D