Friday, 19 November 2010

Bodean's Pig Out - Tower Hill, London

Bodean's, Tower Hill
Bodean's Pig, Tower Bridge and a ball game on telly

Cold and hungry as we headed out to the east end to check something out for a friend a few weeks ago, SM and I passed Bodean's at Tower Hill with a sign advertising their £10 pig out. Exactly what our grumbling tummies needed - a big mountain of food with lots of meat.

Menu - Bodean's, Tower Hill

Table Sauces - Bodean's, Tower Hill
Table sauces - oddly the Hot Chipotle and the Smoked Hickory tasted exactly the same!

We used to go to Bodean's every now and then but that was years back and we haven't been in awhile. They must still be doing reasonably well since it was place was almost full on a Friday night in Tower Hill - not the hippest and most happenin' of areas.

Pig Out for £10 - Bodean's, Tower Hill

The both us opted for the pig out deal with SM going for the half rack of baby back ribs and pulled pork combo. From a choice of sides, SM decided on fries and coleslaw. The ribs, covered in BBQ sauce, were nicely tender and meaty. No complains from either of us. I wouldn't have personally ordered the pulled pork mainly because it was stringy and just that little bit dry. I don't usually mind dry so much - I've recently discovered a liking for Ryvita's (but that is another story) but the pork just didn’t do it for me. Though a good douse from BBQ sauce from the squeeze-y bottle did perk it up.

Pig Out for £10 - Bodean's, Tower Hill

I went for the burnt ends, chips and coleslaw combo. The slow smoked chunks of beef brisket served with BBQ sauce was wondrously tender. Some pieces had some big bits of fat attached but I wasn't fussed. Cut off, move on to the meat. Satisfyingly good. I remember when Bodean's only ever served this on weekends but it seems it has now made it onto the daily menu.

Each meal came with a drink and I choose Tango. Not something I would pick - I'm not much of a fizzy drinks girl but I make an exception for Orengina. I adore Orengina. Anyway, back to Tango .... I thought the Tango orange heads on the tin were pretty cute :)

Tango Head - Bodean's, Tower HillTango Head - Bodean's, Tower Hill
You've been Tango-ed

Good, bad, ugly?
It's quite a deal for £10. It's solid food and it's tasty. Will I return? Heck ya ... those burnt ends were really nice and the ribs were decent.

Bodean's Tower Hill
16 Byward Street, London EC3R 5BA
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Dan B said...

Very nice food, competively priced, the one in Poland Street is great!
I would recommend the pulled pork sandwich and burnt ends! Boo-Yaa...

Luscious Temptations said...

Totally agree with the burnt ends! Never been to the Poland Street branch but the one on Clapham High St is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Bodeans has become a bit ropey recently, the quality in our local at Clapham Common has dropped. Also they have massively hiked the prices, for example the slab of beef ribs dinner used to cost about £13, then jumped to £18 and recently is now only a half slab for the same price. Also their takeaway BBQ packs have more than doubled in price of the past 18months.