Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A night in with noodle soup

I'm very fond of noodle soups. More so when I make it myself - maybe because I don't make very good dry noodles or fried noodles..who knows. A big, big bowl of soup with yummy bits of veg and meat floating around. It's all good. Except maybe the part where I load it with salt. Oh yes, I'm also very fond of salt, in all it's glorious forms, especially all those beautiful Asian forms -light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, fish sauce.. oh happy days!

Noodle soup is probably one of the first things I ever learnt to cook. That along with omelette, which I still can't cook properly 'chef style' but that is another story. Noodle soup I think I do quite well. My best so far has probably got to be Maggie Mee (every Malaysian child must have gave grown up on this brand of instant noodles) with Tuna and Tomato. Ah my brainchild..

On this particular occassion I made Thai Style Noodle Soup. Mainly because I had some left over green curry paste sitting in the fridge.

  • Put a few tablespoon fulls into a pot of boiling water (how much depends on how much soup you want and how concentrated the flavour you like it to be - it's all about personal preferences).

  • As the water comes up to boil again, add some mince pork (during lazy times I open a packet of mince and spoon the meat into the water) and break down the mince as it cooks.

  • Add seasoning - fish sauce, thai sweet chili sauce, ketchup (a personal favourite), lime juice.

  • Add the broccoli stems (is it odd that I think it's perfectly normal to eat the stems?) about half a minute before the broccoli tops go in along with the noodles (I tend to go for the South Korean instant noodles nowadays - only because it's a bigger pack and I'm very greedy!).

  • Just before the noodles are done add some chopped up cos lettuce and some coriander. Cook for a minute longer and it's done.

  • Pour into a large bowl, sprinkle with some extra coriander and lime juice, arm yourself with some chopsticks and you're ready to dig in!

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