Sunday, 1 June 2008

KL fooding

What better way to start the holiday than some food at the night market? I've been told that the pasar malam (night market) at Bangsar has gone down hill in the last few years but I couldn't resist a visit, plus it was a nice introduction for Jo, my British friend who would be my partner in crime for the next 3 weeks. I used to come down here nearly every Sunday evening when I lived at home but my friends were right, it had changed. The stalls were now squashed closer together and with the new canopies put up to block out the evening sun, rain... whatever. One thing that hasn't changed was....

Yes, the Fatman Steamboat van. Sticks of processed food - meatballs of chicken, beef, pork next to piles to fishballs, squidballs, prawnballs, animal innards of liver and intestine, soy products of soft tofu, deep fried tofu, soft beancurd sheets, deep fried beancurd sheets. There were also piles of fresh meat and veg on sticks. Pick up which stick you want, dunk it into one of the three bubbling pots and wait until it's cooked. Eat either plain or smothered in some of the sauces provided - garlic chilli, plain chilli or sweet brown sauce. Emmm yummy. My favourites - pork balls and pig's liver.

To wash it all down, some fresh squeezed sugar cane juice made by the pressing machine.

Of course there's always place for cake in my tummy! So off we went to Delicious at Bangsar Village, about 2 steps away from the market. My choice was a banana chocolate fudge cake. Ohhhh dearie... if you LOVE chocolate and banana, then this cake is for you.... but cake, what cake? There were 2 thin layers of cake and all the rest was chocolate fudge.

Jo chose the banana cake with warm caramel sauce, which came with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Equally yummy. Chocolate, good. Caramel, good.

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