Monday, 9 June 2008

One last meal at .... Delicious

One last feeding before we headed out to the wilderness... one last meal... and where better than at Delicious? I totally have an obsession with this place! Yes, the food is not bad... bordering on pretty good... hey, I'm a pessimist...but there's something about Delicious I really like.

Maybe it's the oversize cushions they have or the pretty decor with the clean colours of white, aqua and terquoise - so soothing ... or maybe it's the damn yummy cakes they have. Calorie-fest confections that always brings a smile to my face.

Today we were after solid food - the sodium loaded sort. First up though- drinks. Jo ordered a strawberry smoothie, which was a blend of strawberries, milk and ice. Or was perhaps there was ice-cream in there...definitely a cream/milk base. She seemed pretty happy with it, though I suspect she wasn't aware it would be that creamy. I had a mango and kaffir lime smoothie... and I cannot rave about enough! An icy mango concoction comes near to ice heaven for me but throw in some kaffir lime leaves and it takes it to another level. A whole new playing field. A lime twist without the sourness. If you look closely you can see the little green specks of the leaves.

Jo's order of a steak sandwich came with a small side salad and fries. Shoe-string fries....emm..oily, crunch goodness. We had ordered another portion of fries (not knowing her sandwich would have fries - no, it doesn't say in the menu) but it never came. One huge problem with Delicious - service is hit and miss...mostly a miss though. The place has been over about 3-4 years now and it's still a problem..shame. Anyway, being little piggies that we are ;) we just had to have that portion of fries that never arrived and ordered another. It was good. Thin, hot and crispy..with a little bowl of aioli.

The sandwich was pretty good. Steak cooked medium-well done, closer to well done ...with sauteed onions and grain mustard.

My order of chicken salad was real disappointment. Grilled chicken served with a salad of spinach, dried cranberries, avocado and some sort of home made potato crisps - sweet potato? Sounds alright, taste wasn't so alright. The thick dressing was very heavy on dried herbs or should I say herb - rosemary perhaps? I normally like my herbs - I've been known to be overly generous in my use of coriander but dried herbs is really a different matter! Rosemary no less! The dressing was also too thick and from the photo you can see how some leaves have a tad more dressing than others. Sigh ... weeks after this and I'm still disappointed. Good thing I had my brilliant mango smoothie to keep me happy :D

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