Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Tea in Hue

I would say we were a little ... unlucky in Hue. One bad encounter after another really put a damper on our time there...ok, it was only for a night but we were pretty happy to move on when the time came. We always knew we would look back and laugh at our experiences but it ain't no laughing matter when you're stuck in it :)

After a long dusty day sightseeing, we headed back to our hotel - Villa Hue, a small hotel which offers practical training to the students from the Hue Tourism School. The hotel was really nice, very nicely decorated and the rooms were huge. It was a real bargain considering the price we paid. BUT (yes, there's always a but ;) the staff were a little slow in understanding what we wanted. I knew this before we got there and was determined to be patient, very patient but after a few hours, my patience wore thin. That aside, they did give us some vouchers for free cake when we checked in and we determined to use them.

I had the mango mousse cake. It does look a little sorry but it did taste rather good. Light sponge with two layers of mango mousse, one more intense than the other.

Jo's passion fruit mousse cake did look a lot better than mine and was constructed in much the same way. Two thin layers of light sponge with two layers of passion fruit mousse. I'm not a fan of passion fruit and was happy to stick to mine (we did taste test each others, of course :)

We also got cookies with our coffee. It's the little touches that count, isn't it? And this hotel has definitely got that bit right - glasses of ice water when we used the Internet in reception, little cookies with handwritten quotes (totally random ones) to wish us good night - very sweet.

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