Saturday, 14 March 2009

When a Girl is in Need of Chocolate ...

A little break from all my holiday eating .... the posting of which has been taking longer than expected. I would blame it partly on pure laziness and partly on how busy I've been over the last few weeks. Photos have been accumulating but I thought I would jump to the present and slowly work my way through the rest at some point. But for now....

Chocolate Tuffle

... Chocolate is on the agenda. I have been craving chocolate for weeks and so far nothing has been able to make it go away. I've managed to feed this little craving with bits of dark chocolate and multiple cups of mocha but for today's chocolate attack, I just had to go down to the little bakery/coffee shop right below my office. I've been eying their chocolate brownie for weeks and they had recently added chocolate truffles to their display case right by the window.... always tempting me, taunting me to go in. Today I did ... chocolate truffles have, after all, been on my mind all this week but to my shock and horror one little truffle ball cost £1 each! A bit much for for a tiny cafe on this side of Holborn but the my need for chocolate had me give in. I got a single truffle and a brownie (£2.80) - the man who was serving assured me I would be back on Monday to get more. Hmmmm... confident.

Chocolate Tuffle

Verdict? The first thought to cross my mind after I bit into the truffle was .... "soybeans?". Nothing came of the soybean thought but I would definitely say the man was a little too confident. It was a nice chocolate truffle but not great. Would I go back for more? Perhaps... it did after all put me in a much better mood after eating it. And I have decided to pull out my recipe for truffles that I made years ago - more on that at a later date :) £1 is a little too steep for a weeny bit of chocolate for my liking.

Chocolate Brownie

The chocolate brownie was shared with Stuart who never says no to dessert. His first comment after taking a bite was, "A bit chocolate-y, isn't it?" and indeed it was. It's a true chocolate lovers brownie. The lack of sweetness was made up in the punch of the chocolate and topped off by a thick-ish layer of cocoa powder. Little bits of nuts gave it a slight texture in the fudginess - "dry fudginess" as I have termed it because to me fudge is soft and somewhat creamy. Again this just didn't blow me away because I really wanted it to. Ahhh well, at least my craving has been satisfied ... for today, at least :)

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