Monday, 19 April 2010

Four Seasons - Chinatown, London

Roast Duck and Soy Chicken Rice - Four Seasons, Chinatown London

Our last leisurely Friday lunch took us to Four Seasons for duck and rice. I got the 2 meat and rice combo for £6.50 with roast duck and soy chicken as my choice of meats. The duck was good as usual but the chicken was pretty awful. Verging on tough and dry, it was certainly not up to Four Seasons standard. If that wasn't bad enough, the ginger and spring onion sauce that accompanied the chicken (usually one of the highlights of getting soy chicken) was tongue numbingly salty and looked like something they had mixed up the week before.

Fried Kai Lan - Four Seasons, Chinatown London

To balance the heaviness of the meat we got two portions of vegetables. Stir fried ginger for crunch and dau miu (my absolute all time favourite) for deliciousness.

Fried Dau Miu - Four Seasons, Chinatown London

Four Seasons Chinese
12 Gerrard Street, Soho, London, W1D 5PR
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