Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Weeknight Dinners

A quick look at what has been keeping me warm and nourished through the last dregs of winter and the first signs of spring as the daffodil heads poked through the ground.

Mince with Potatoes, Fried Egg and  Green Veg - Week Day Dinner
Minced beef braised with potatoes, onion and garlic in oyster and soy sauce. Served over white steamed rice, a fried egg sunny side up and steamed choy sum. And not forgetting the good shake of Maggie seasoning and white pepper over the fried egg. This is real comfort food for me, especially as the yoke oozes all over the meat and rice.

Fried Mee Hoon - Weeknight Dinner

Stir fried mee hoon with mussels and lots of veg, which I picked up as part of a special deal at the supermarket. I made a simple omelette which I cut up and added to the nearly finished dish. I never noticed how almost deep frying an omelette makes it taste like deep fried tofu. Well, there you go ... I learn something new everyday.

Cold Roast Chicken, Coleslaw and Warm Bread - Weekday Dinner
Rotisserie chicked basted in barbeque sauce that was picked up from the supermarket along with the baguette. I made some slaw with finely sliced white cabbage, carrot and red onion dressed with mayonnaise, lime juice, a touch of ketchup, a splash of sweet chili sauce and a dash of fish sauce.

Miso Ramen with Beef - Weeknight Dinner
Whilst I was at the Korean supermarket I picked up some thinely sliced beef usually used for bulgogi. I marinated the meat in soy and oyster sauces with a touch of sesame oil overnight before adding it to a simmering pot of with a miso base soup and lots of vegetables - Chinese cabbage, beansprouts and broccoli. The meat cooks is about 2 minutes and had the lovely flavours of the marinade. Served with soba noodles.

Tomato Udon with Tofu, Fish Tofu and Vegetables - Weeknight Dinner
I used some of my other Korean supermarket purchases, fish tofu and fresh tofu, for another noodle dinner. This time it was in a katsuobushi dashi base soup flavoured with tomatoes. I guess you can that fish tofu is my new discovery. Soft, yet firm blocks of fish paste ... like a cross between a fish ball and tofu ... crazy, yet very yummy. I added more beansprouts ... huge bags of beansprouts are so cheap at oriental supermarkets. It makes you wonder what sort of killing the high street supermarkets are making with their little bags of 'from bag to wok' stir fry vegetable mixes. I also added some spinach and served it all up with some thick udon noodles.


Su-Lin said...

Love your weekday eating posts - gives me lots of inspiration!

Paprika said...

Oooh could do with a nice steaming hot bowl of noodles. Very "ching" and yums. That stir-fried noodle with mussels sound quite Kylie Kwong eh...

p.s/ have u recovered from your birthday :-)