Sunday, 1 August 2010

Moo! - Whitechapel, London

Moo! - Whitechapel, London

Flicking through Time Out online on Friday, I came across a review for Moo! a new-ish Argentinian café and wine bar in Whitechapel (from the same team behind the popular Battersea steak house, Santa Maria del Sur which was featured in Gordon Ramsey's F Word). Just a stone's throw from Farrigdon Station, the area is deathly quiet on Friday evenings but perfect for a chilled out bite to eat.

Moo! - Whitechapel, London

We were greeted, seated and the small menu explained by the very friendly manager (I didn't get his name but from the Time Out article he must have been Jose, the Argentinian manager who runs the place with his South Korean wife). Moo! is all about the lomito (sandwich) with the option of beef, chicken or aubergine. You can either have the simple version (£5) - just tomato and lettuce or go full whack and get the lomito completo (£6.50). Big ass with ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce and egg. Or if you're feeling particularly picky, you can make your own (£4). Additional toppings are £0.50 but additional beef, chicken or aubergine will set you back another £2.50.

Tomato, Mozerella and Basil Empanada - Moo! Whitechapel, London

Tomato, Mozerella and Basil Empanada - Moo! Whitechapel, London

To start we ordered a tomato, mozzarella and basil empanada to share, despite being warned by Jose (with a smile) that our orders of lomito completo with chips (add £1) were large. But Jose had never seen SM and I eat. Our baked empanada arrived steaming hot - bigger than a curry puff but a whole lot smaller than a Cornish pasty - and filled with lots of oozing mozzarella, chopped fresh tomato and torn basil leaves. Cheesy puff. Nice but nothing to write home about.

Lomitos with Chips - Moo! Whitechapel, London

Our lomitos finally arrived and Jose was not lying when he said they were large. They were HUGE! To share we ordered a chicken and a beef. Our order of chips was piled onto one of the plates, not a biggie since we were warned beforehand.

Beef Lomito Completo - Moo! Whitechapel, London

The sandwiches were lush. Both the chicken and beef were still juicy. The beef in particular went particularly well with the chimichurri (that famous Argentinian green sauce that goes with grilled meat), a bottle of which sat at every table. Though I'm not complaining I do wonder why the sandwiches featured ham in them. I'm all for the extra meat and I do like my ham but with all the other meaty flavours, the ham was a bit redundant.

Chicken Lomito Completo - Moo! Whitechapel, London

Tummies full, SM and I left very happy indeed to have a little wander around Brick Lane. We even had a little dosh left for a pastry (or two) and a builder's brew from the Brick Lane Bakery .

4 Cobb Street, London E1 7LB
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