Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Trip Down To the Coffeeshop .... Malaysian Style

I've been feeling a little homesick recently so I thought I'll go out of my way and do myself absolutely no favours by digging up some photos from my last trip home. Some lovely photos of gorgeous food .. my last meal of my trip actually which I shared with my mum. Yup, that's right ... all this food for two people :) Looking at the food is making feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A quick fix indeed.

Teochew Braised Duck with Tofu and Hard Boiled Egg
Teochew braised duck with tofu and hard boiled egg. I absolutely adore this dish - everything except the egg. It's not a dish that one comes by all that frequently.

Hakka Mee

Hakka Mee
Hakka mee - my first every bowl of Hakka mee at a coffeeshop, ever. But nothing beats my grandmother's version - oily, salty and brilliantly delicious.

Hong Kong BBQ Pork Cheong Fun
Hong Kong char siew cheong fun. Soft, silky with a decent amount of meat and a nice dollop of chili oil. Not the best but not too bad either.

Ipoh Kwey Teow
Ipoh kway teow - no self respecting stall in Ipoh would serve anything like this. Definitely two thumbs down but on the bright side the noodles where beautifully soft and silky.

Iced Barley Water and Iced White Local Coffee
Iced barley and iced local coffee with condensed milk. I really miss local Malaysian coffee with it's hints of buttery-ness. No wonder since it's roasted in margerine

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Rafleesia said...

Is it really roasted in margarine??!