Saturday, 29 January 2011

In Dubai with Pinkberry

Natural and Pomegranate Swirl Frozen Yogurt - Pinkberry, Dubai International Airport

I had a little time to kill when I was laying over in Dubai (again!) and I chose to spend it in the company of Pinkberry. My twirled natural and pomegranate with crushed Oreos, dark chocolate niblets, crushed hazelnuts and sliced strawberry Pinkberry to be precise.

I've been having frozen yogurt withdrawal symptoms lately (damn Yog! Sorry the post hasn't gone up yet but it will be going up shortly) and I couldn't imagine my luck when I saw the Pinkberry man handing out samples. I think I'm in danger of becoming one of those obsessed frozen yogurt fans I only ever read and laugh about :)

The Pinkberry verdict
Taste wise I was hoping (expecting) something a little more tart. The portion size wise it was grossly tiny. The yogurt was piped to the centre of the container leaving a pretty gap on the sides. The amount of the 4 extras that came with small size were grossly stingy. Considering I paid just over £6 for the yogurt and a small bottle of Evian I expected a little more. I certainly get a larger portion for a third less of the price at Yog. However, I think I may have got my own back when I took 2 bottles of Evian by mistake :) Shhh I won't tell if you don't.

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Su-Lin said...

I paid the same in Dubai but I considered it my breakfast! But is that the regular price, I wonder, or the Dubai price? All food was expensive at that airport! (Flying things into a desert, I guess!)

Luscious Temptations said...

I had mine as dinner and I was hungry an hour later. Thank heavens Emirates believes in serving their food soon after takeoff. Yeah, food in that airport is grossly overpriced (like service stations in the UK!). I finally get to leave the airport on the way back so I'll get to see how expensive the rest of the city is.