Sunday, 20 September 2009

Uncle Lim's Chicken Curry Puffs

For all my excitement of the chicken curry puffs that I brought home from Uncle Lim's Kitchen yesterday, they totally slipt from my mind and were left sitting a little forlorn in the greasy paper bag they came in. Imagine my delight when I spotted them this morning - no boring toast for me this morning!

Uncle Lim's Chicken Curry Puffs

I would love to say I was totally organised and laid my treasure trove on a warmed baking tray, which then went into a heated oven for precisely 7 and a half minutes but I can't. I popped my curry puff (the other belonged to Stuart who would probably consume it at some other point) on top of the toaster (ohhh how I miss the toaster ovens that we get in Malaysia!) and pressed the little lever down. I turned the curry puff over when I smelt a little burning (evidence on the two little burn marks as seen in the photos) and toasted the other side. All done in about 2 minutes and no baking trays to clean :D

Uncle Lim's Chicken Curry Puffs

Emm... I smell chicken and potato curry. And this was before I even cut the pastry in half. With a pastry more puff than crisp (although tradition dictates otherwise) these beauties were large - they would have made the currypuffs from a roadside stall in Southeast Asia look puny. Taste wise it was pretty good - spices coming through well. A nice ratio of chicken to potato but as usual the glut in me always bemoans the meagre amount of filling in curry puffs :)

£1 per chicken curry puff from Uncle Lim's Kitchen


penny aka jeroxie said...

this curry puff looks different but I prefer it. Seems quite light and yummy :)

Luscious Temptations said...

This was indeed different - made with puff pastry and baked instead of fried (I think was definitely not at all that greasy but then again I've never tried to deep fry puff pastry before:) I think this would be quite simple to make at home too since puff pastry is so readily available in the shops.