Monday, 14 September 2009

Comfort Eating

Comfort Food - Weekend Dinner

Sometimes I just need something ultra comforting - something with rice. Rice is like the basis of all soul food for me. For a quick and easy one bowl, one spoon dish I boiled some rice, threw some veg into the wok (sliced courgette, baby corn and sugar snap peas) with some fish sauce over high heat (hold the garlic - there's something so fiddly about peeling garlic when you're just not in the mood), placed a couple of slices of Spam into a pan to crisp and fried an egg just as I was ready to plate up. Not forgetting the sprinkling of white pepper and Maggie sauce over the egg and a nice, big splat of Heinz ketchup over the Spam.

Dig in!

Emm... Comfort Heaven! Especially when the egg yoke oozes over the warm rice. Now it's time for some zzzzzzzzz ....


Su-Lin said...

That is indeed comfort food! Looks healthy with the vegetables! :)

Luscious Temptations said...

Spam makes an appearance again :) Yes, trying to be healthy ... every bit counts, doesn't it?