Saturday, 26 September 2009

It Ain't the Same Without a Bit of Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips - Brighton

What is a trip to the seaside without a bit of fish and chips? After a few long hours lying on the beach, walking around the shops ... it really was time for a bit of food again. Getting grumpier by the minute by the endless choice, I finally agreed to a non-descript chippie by the main road overlooking the sea. Bad service and an oily laminated menu later, I got a plate of battered cod, chips and mushy peas plonked in front of me. To be honest the fish was fresh, the batter wonderfully light and the chips crisp ... well, they would have been if my mushy peas weren't dolloped right over them. Oh well ... I stole some of Stuart's un-mushy pea-d chips and I have grudgingly admit the food was good.

Cockles, Winkles and The British Seaside
We passed this stall on the beach but were still full from breakfast and didn't get anything. Rollmops, anyone?

The Burnt Structure of West Pier - Brighton
The burnt structure of West Pier - rather sad really


Rafleesia said...

so farnee reading yr blog-so many updates in sept! im inspired to go to Brighton and Paris now...hmmm very tempted...just for the palmiers and macaroons!

ps. yr writing style has improved!

Luscious Temptations said...

Why thank you! The writing does depend on my mood though :P

The palmier .. oh the palmier! So good!