Sunday, 29 November 2009

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In the Kitchen - Brick Lane Bakery

Menu - Brick Lane Bakery

Every now and then I get a hankering for salt beef, which calls for a visit down to Brick Lane. Ever since I discovered the treasure trove at Brick Lane Bakery, there is no way I'm ever going to pay £10 or whatever they (dare) charge for salt beef sandwich at The Brass Rail at Selfridges again. Brick Lane Bakery may lack the elegance of Selfridges but Brick Lane has it's charm - if you manage to squeeze your way through the arty student types, the Bangladeshi waiters touting curries and chutneys and the general mish mash of people who hang out in the area. The bakery itself is serviceable - seriously unfancy. The kitchen at the back churns out the goodies - especially those famous beigels; row upon row of bread, pastries and cakes line the long counter; and situated right in front of the shop window is the hot salt beef stand complete with a big slab of meet ready to be hacked up for demanding customers.

Salt Beef Beigel and a Cup of Builders Brew - Brick Lane Bakery

I'm in for the salt beef beigel. Its size lulls me into a false sense of comfort. I'm not really eating all that much. The portion of meat is generous and oh so wonderfully tender. The beigel is warm - fresh out of the oven with a great chewy texture. I've asked for a little mustard. Fiery English. Coleman's. As if there is any other when it comes to English mustard. Coleman's is an institution. Even with just a dab of the yellow stuff there is an atomic explosion in my brain on my first bite into meat, bread and mustard. I did say they were generous in this place. To wash it down, we share a builder's brew - strong, strong tea (straight out of the tea vat) with lots of milk and sugar.

Salt Beef Beigel - Brick Lane Bakery

Chocolate Eclair - Brick Lane Bakery

There is, of course room, for dessert. We share a chocolate ├ęclair (amongst others). It's not a great ├ęclair but it's not bad either. It did, however, cost us about 80p. Bargain.

Beigels by the Dozen and a Half - Brick Lane Bakery

We munch our way through brown bag after brown bag of food leaning against a tiny stainless steel counter attached to the brown/beige wall facing the counter. It's great for people watching. The staff are incredibly efficient and the never ending amount of people who walk through the doors are served quickly and briskly. This is no place for long chit chats. There are people to feed and a business to run.

Brick Lane Bakery
159 Brick Lane, London E1 6SB


Rafleesia said...

stop blogging abt brick lane already! lol...looks amazing tho...but where's the gherkin?

Luscious Temptations said...

Forgot to ask :(
I only blogged about it once :P Go eat your dim sum and leave me to my sault beef.