Monday, 9 November 2009

Happy Birthday, Stuart! Dinner at The Bountiful Cow

It was Stuart's birthday and we decided on something cheap and cheerful (and no, the local Weatherspoons for a Tuesday curry didn't quite fit the bill though that is where one of his birthday dinners took place ... many, MANY years ago). The Bountiful Cow seemed as good a choice as any but with a slight edge of a Toptable discount. I'm still quite amazed at the efficiency of the Toptable booking system. I made a request for a table on the Toptable website at 6PM, feeling quite certain that the restaurant would not have received the booking but lo and behold, there was a table waiting for us when we arrived at 7.30PM.

Toptable Menu - The Bountiful Cow, Holborn

It was a slight downer that we had to choose from a set menu but 2 courses for £13 was too good an offer to miss. All the dishes on offer were straight off their main menu, minus the steaks (which apparently they are quite well known for .... they are called The Bountiful Cow ...) so there were some pretty decent choices.

Rillettes of Duck with Toast - The Bountiful Cow, Holborn

Stuart started with Rillettes of Duck served on toast with sliced red onion and cornichons. The birthday boy was happy.

Smoked Salmon with Bread, Butter and Lemon - The Bountiful Cow, Holborn

My Smoked Salmon with Bread, Butter and Lemon starter was incredibly generous. There were 4-5 slices of smoked salmon but I was a disappointed (and surprised) that someone in the kitchen felt the need to drizzle extra virgin olive oil over the slices of bread. Surely the butter would have gone quite cheerfully with the bread? I'm quite sure now I don't like extra virgin olive oil anywhere near my smoked salmon. The two strong flavours just collides and sends the wrong signals to my taste buds.

Steak Sandwich - The Bountiful Cow, Holborn

For mains, Stuart had the Steak Sandwich, which according to the menu is made with aged beef and sauteed red onions. Before the mains arrived, Stuart confessed that he was a little worried that meat would be tough as is the case with many steak sandwiches (the horrid person in me would have loved to roll my eyes and ask why he ordered it if he was worried but .... it was his birthday). Stuart needn't have worried, the meat was lovely - tender and moist with plenty of flavour. The serving was generous and the chips were pretty darn good - chunky and crisp. Lovely.

Bountyburger Deluxe - The Bountiful Cow, Holborn

I went all out and ordered the burger - made with course ground steak and served with salad, sliced onions, a baby gherkin, bacon (my choice of the 'free' additions - the other choices were a fried egg or cheese) and chips. They certainly aren't stingy on their portions in this place. The burger was large - the main menu claims that their burger is a BIG 14oz/395g but Stuart reckoned that this was no where near that big. Even the piggy in me was pretty happy I didn't have to face a larger burger. I was really quite happy with what I got, but hey I'm no burger connoisseur. The mince was chunky and there was a lovely charred flavour from the flames. Even my portion of 'free' bacon was generous :) I was a happy bunny ... so was Stuart, he got half of my main meal.

Bountyburger Deluxe - The Bountiful Cow, Holborn

The Bountiful Cow is certainly worth a try, especially with the Toptable offer. It's a little pricey otherwise - the burger goes for £12.95 ... a little steep. It's an intimate little place located just off High Holborn and less than a 3 minute walk from the tube station.

Menu - The Bountiful Cow, Holborn
The main menu

The Bountiful Cow
51 Eagle St, London WC1R 4AP

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