Monday, 28 March 2011

Sunday Lunch - Comptoir Libanais, Marylebone

Maze Plate for 1 - Comptoir Libanais, Marylebone

Sunny Sundays mean late leisurely lunches and long walks. Last Sunday was relatively quiet - shoe trying and bag admiring at Selfridges before a late lunch/early dinner at Comptoir Libanais on Wigmore Street.

Maze Plate for 1 - Comptoir Libanais, Marylebone

There wasn't much to fault my mixed maze plate - the food was nice, I enjoyed it and I thought I got myself a pretty good deal - a falafel, a spinach and cheese pastry, houmous, baba ghanoush topped with pomegranate, tabbouleh (too coarsely chopped in my opinion), mujaddara (rice and lentils), pickles (lurve pickles!) and topped with bread. Veggie goodness.

Maze Plate for 1 - Comptoir Libanais, Marylebone

But complaints I do have (unfortunately). What is it with their menu at the counter? Half the items on their printed menu isn’t even on the board (I would later find out after I’ve been seated) and what is on there doesn’t make much sense. It was the same thing at their other branch at Westfield … ooops, no… I forget. They don’t even have a menu. Doh, silly me! Another moan would be directed at some of their staff – let me paint you the scenario: I walk in and there are 2 guys behind the counter who greet me and then leave me to it. I’m standing there studying the menu board (if you recall is really not the best written) for what must be a few minutes and they are blatantly not interested. They’re chatting and stock taking (or something like that). When I do get their attention they fob me on to another colleague who’s just appeared from the depths of the restaurant. Gee, thanks guys. Good thing this new guy seemed ok – compared to the other 2, I like him. Within seconds he’s told me that if I want to sit in they do table service. Oh, well…. Good thing the 2 guys were nowhere to be seen when I left with a full belly. I have been told that my evil stare is quite deathly.

Here’s to lovely, sunny Sundays!

Comptoir Libanais
65 Wigmore Street, W1U 1PZ

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