Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I'm Lovin' It - McDonald's

Everyone needs a McDonald's pit stop every now and then. I think you can tell this stop was overdue ... all this food, including an orange juice and a LARGE Mars milkshake, for two people. Yes, 2!

Q with Bacon - McDonald's
This was a seasonal special. I can't actually remember what it was called but it was probably along the line of 'Q' with bacon.

Q with Bacon - McDonald's
'Q' innards - grilled beef patty, Swiss cheese, bacon (hiding in there somewhere), tomato, lettuce, some sort of creamy dressing on a toasted ciabatta style bread

Filet-O-Fish - McDonald's
Filet-O-Fish - My childhood favourite that I haven't had in years! To be honest I'm not even sure if this was my favourite McDonald's burger as a child. It was just something that was ordered for me that I just ate. It's good though. Sinking my teeth into the pillow-y softness of the bun felt like I was transported back in time :)

Filet-O-Fish - McDonald's
Filet-O-Fish innards - deep fried breaded white fish fillet, tartare sauce and a cheese slice (this rubbery yellow slice of stuff is definitely not cheese but some miracle whipped up in a boiling vat in a factory - you would know all about it if you watched the very informative 3 part programme - E Numbers: An Edible Adventure on BBC2) sandwiched between a pillow soft steamed bun.

Chicken McNuggets - McDonald's
9 pieces of chicken McNuggets

Double Cheeseburger - McDonald's
A side order of a double cheeseburger. I haven't eaten one of these in years (not that I eat McDonald's all that often anyway) but I had forgotten how much I like these burgers. It's something about that double meat pattie and rubbery cheese layer. Emmm mmmm...!

Finished - McDonald's


Rafleesia said...

I wondered for a second if I had stumbled upon the wrong blog. Such a departure from the super yummy culinary adventures you normally post. The 'cheese' looks horrifyingly neon but there is something about that pillowy filet of fish burger bun that makes you momentarily forget that ciabattas, French loaves, puris and all the yummy breads of the world exist.

Luscious Temptations said...

Isn't there just something about that burger bun reminds you of a perfectly soft and bouncy baby's bottom that you just want to smack? *evil grin*

małgo said...

I discovered your blog yesterday (actually it was even today at night) and I can't stop reading!!
btw this post is aweeeesome!

merry xmas!