Saturday, 26 April 2008

Blast from the Past

As I walked past Chinatown one evening, a greenish glow attracted my attention long enough for me to stop and stare into the shop window. Lo and behold I was staring straight at a filled chiller with these ultra gaudy babies... hehehe....and in their own very unique way were quite attractive (even more so in their eerie glow at night).

They reminded me of all those Hong Kong TVB series I used to watch as as child and how I longed to have one of these cakes for myself. It's odd how children are attracted to the gaudiest things - remember that pink satin dress with the tutu skirt that you just had to have because it reminded you of a princess? Well, these cakes were my food equivalent to the princess dress. These cakes still make me smile but I think nowadays I would rather chomp down on fudgy chocolate brownie or even just a simple lemon slice.

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