Thursday, 3 April 2008

Lunch in the April sunshine

March ended and April started with mild weather and lovely sunshine. So on Tuesday I decided to get myself out of the office, grab lunch and bag myself a seat on a bench somewhere. I ended up going to Pret A Manger but what shoukd I get? I wasn't in a sandwich mood, perhaps a hot wrap? The two I have tried, Swedish Meatball and Jelapeno Chicken, are very yummy. .oozing cheese and sauce. No, let's go healthy so I ended up getting the Chicken and Avocado salad. A short walk across the road and I was looking for a nice bench in Bloomsbury Square. A few people were about but I did manage to get a whole bench to myself while I had lunch.

A base of mix leaves topped with yogurt chicken (a healthy alternative to mayo I guess), sliced black olives, sundried tomatoes and thinly sliced red onion. It came with a little container of vinegratte. Pour over the dressing and tuck in.

I also bought a tin of Pure Pret Mango Mandarin juice which I saved to drink in the office. Fruit juice mixed with fizzy water, it had a nice tang and good flavour of mango.

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