Saturday, 19 April 2008

Luscious Burgers

My Cheeseburger

With only 2 manky carrots left in the fridge and some sad looking spring onions, I decided we needed a big food shop. Up to the big Sainsbury's Stuart and I went (alright, we're not talking major hypermart here... big...London big..heh). And what should we see as we walk in? Special offers on burger patties, which Stuart practically begged to buy (he would have sneaked it into the trolley

He chose beef and smoked paprika and rather good they were too. They weren't super meaty (c'mon...6 in a pack for about £2!) but they were good enough for me (but I am rather fond of processed food...yes, I admit I like bought frozen chicken nuggets, hash browns, SPAM ..ohhh heaven... wobbly pink frankfurters......) and very tasty. A ton of oil did come out during cooking and the patties did shrink but no problems on eating. Wonderful smoky paprika, slight char from the griddle pan eaten in little wholemeal rolls, which fit the shrunk patties just fine ;)

Stuart had fried eggs on his burgers and we shared a plate of salad. All eaten with barbeque sauce. Yummy!

Stuart's Cheeseburger topped with a fried egg

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