Saturday, 26 April 2008

I Love My Chinese Bakeries!

Although I work a brisk 10 minute walk away from Chinatown, I'm often too lazy to venture down there. But when I do ... I go mad! The journey back to work will definately take twice as long as I curse and swear at myself for weighing myself down with goodies I never planned to buy. And a shopping trip to Chinatown is never quite complete without a visit to a Chinese bakery. Dopey as I am most of the time, I have never bothered to take down the name of these places. I will make a point of it the next time.

Tuna mayo bun is definately a favourite (seen here with lovely bits of cooked onion). I tend to look out for this whenever I venture into an oriental bakery but it's always a slight dissapointment when I find all the lovely fishy goodness centered in the middle of the oblong bun. This leaves the two ends boringly dry - good for cutting all those nasty carbs but it's white bread oriental style, which means it's always a tad sweet and perfect for eating just as it is with with a trace of mayo fishy-ness.

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