Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A Dinner of Black Miso Cod .... emmm.....

Black Miso Cod and Vegetables

Invited a month or two back to flat-sit for my dad who was off to Paris for the weekend, Stuart and I jumped at the chance. Mainly to get away from the mundaneness of weekends at home and it's always fun to have a night away... :) And when in the High Street Kensington area, I always find an excuse to poke my nose around Whole Foods. I never buy that much, I just love looking but this time I had the perfect excuse ... we needed dinner!

I wasn't much in the mood for banging pots and pans around the kitchen, so I stocked up on big chunks of ready marinated black miso cod and ready cooked vegetables from the salad bar. I LOVE black miso cod but it's so disgustingly expensive! I had puzzled for years why cod sold in Malaysia tasted nothing like the cod in the UK until I finally discovered that black cod (sold in Malaysia as plain old "cod-fish") was in fact no relation of the "normal" cod .... ooooo!

The fish came in overly thick, generous portions, which I put under the grill for about 6-7 minutes a side (they were really thick). They were deliciously moist and separated in thick flakes. I got some roasted tomatoes, chunks of aubergine, mushrooms and new potatoes that I heated up in the oven with the fish. To fill up the plate even more, I also bought a salad of blanched asparagus and green beans tossed with shallots, peas, carrots and fresh soy beans. The greens were nice and crunchy but was slightly over-seasoned with thyme. The meal was very enjoyable but we were bursting by the end of it - all fished and veg-ed out :D

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