Saturday, 6 September 2008

Friday Night Takeaway

Friday night is almost always takeaway night for us, usually kebab from Effes, Chinese from Jade Garden or more recently, from the newly open Dragon Fry. This Friday it was kebab.

Chicken Shish Kebab

I try to be healthy by going for the chicken shish kebab - eight pieces of chicken breast flavoured with a tinge of curry powder grilled on a skewer with green peppers and onions and a squeeze of garlic sauce. For some strange reason they have started serving my pita separately whilst they still tuck the pieces of meat from Stuart's order into the bread. I was a little annoyed when they first started doing this to my order but I'm not too fussed anymore. On the side a salad of shredded iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red cabbage and two pickled chillies. No onion for me. Much as I love onion in my salad I hate having the taste linger in my mouth the whole night. This is the medium priced at £5.20 - for all this, not bad since I manage to stretch the meat over two meals. Always enough for chicken to have with my noodle soup the next day.

Lamb Doner

Stuart's order of lamb doner kebab. I've never been too keen on this dish of vertically grilled compressed minced lamb .. ha.. and this is coming from me who loves processed meat in almost all forms ;) But Stuart seems to like it and even more so with extra garlic sauce. Stuart's a bit of a chili wuss ... te he he... so I always get his...yay, score! It's £4.30 for this medium doner but no leftovers for another meal as Stuart happily finishes it all. We do get a large portion of chips to share between us ... yup, we're really big eaters! And recently I made the discovery of burger sauce!!!! LOL it tastes like a cheap mixture between ketchup and mayonnaise, of which it probably is anyway. Still .. it's pretty yummy anyway :D

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