Friday, 19 September 2008

Grilled Cod with Noodles and Vegetables

Grilled Cod with Noodles and Vegetables

This was a quick and easy dinner after another long and stressful day at work.

The fish was put under a very hot grill on an oiled oven tray (if not the skin tends to stick) for about 5 minutes. I usually steer clear from buying cod (considering how little there are left...I thought I'll do my bit for cod conservation :D), but I was in a rush and the choice was between salmon and cod. I like salmon but I was in a white fish mood, so cod it was.

I cut the courgettes and field mushrooms up quite thickly. Both were stir fried with garlic, soy sauce and finished off with some chicken broth. The noodles, which I had boiled in a separate pot, went in last - just to finish off.

Dish up the noodles and vegetables onto waiting plates. Place the fish over. I actually forgot to season the fish but it tasted fine.

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