Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Soba with Roast Duck

Roast Duck Noodles

As Stuart couldn't join the little family get together dinner over the weekend at Gold Mine, I bought back a roast duck for him ... well... for us :) I had a little bit too (alright quite a lot and then some as I sneaked in a few pieces whilst I was in the kitchen and he wasn't looking!). I did ask for a whole uncut duck but even though the waitress nodded and repeated the order, I was still handed a neatly cut up bird. Oh just as well...I don't own a cleaver and trying to chop up a duck "Chinese style" would have been a nightmare.

It made for an easy Monday night dinner with Japanese soba noodles and some boiled choy sum. I mixed the noodles with some of the sauce that came with the duck. A dark, sweet and sticky sauce, which never makes an appearance in the restaurant as the ducks get a good douse of soy sauce mixed in the the natural duck fat. Yum! The sweet sauce did, however, make a nice mixing sauce for the noodles. I heated the pieces of duck in the over wrapped in foil and once the meat was hot, I unwrapped the foil and switched on the grill to crisp up the skin. It worked wonderfully well, the duck skin was even crisper than what is served in the restaurant. Ohhh.... and the fat that dripped out! A dieter's nightmare :) I have to admit that I did sneak a tablespoon or two of the fat back into the noodles. Naughty, naughty! But oh-so-delicious!

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